Sharing a referral with a Peleton user


I am giving one of my referrals to a friend who has a Peleton and not a smart trainer. Is there anyway to export a training ride to Peleton to coax that platform into performing a TR workout?

I’ve used a Peleton only twice in a fitness center so I don’t know anything about it. Thanks in advance for your help.

No way I have heard. The P bikes have a deliberately ‘closed’ system. At best I think they need TR running on a compatible device separate from the P.

See this @dcrainmaker article Peloton Power Data Broadcaster (DFC) Launches: Hands-on Details | DC Rainmaker

Not control of the peloton, but would allow use with TR in “resistance” mode

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A few ways:

Power meter pedals connected to TrainerRoad running on a computer/tablet/smartphone

The device mentioned above (in the dc rainmaker article). Not yet available but I think it is supposed to be soon. Basically intercepts the peloton’s power numbers and broadcasts them over Bluetooth.

Or make a “gymnasticon” using a raspberry pi

Any of these will connect to TrainerRoad but you will need to manually adjust the resistance to the target range. I have used my assioma pedals and more recently the gymnasticon successfully

With any of the above, your friend can make a “smartspin2k” and have essentially a smart bike to use with TrainerRoad or other apps.

This is a bit more involved to put together but reportedly works great with TrainerRoad, zwift, etc. I haven’t had a chance to test mine since they got TrainerRoad working with it a couple weeks ago. As I said, it does require a source of power data and they all require a device on which to run TrainerRoad (the peloton tablet/screen is not up to the task).

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