How to use TrainerRoad and peloton Bikes?

Hello everyone, i currently have 2 bikes a peloton and outside bike with power meter, is trainerroad able to use both of this workouts and use all of its AI capabilities?

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I don’t have a definitive answer but did find this:,Strava%20to%20complete%20this%20process.

I use a Peloton to do my training, but I’ve fitted it with Garmin Rally XC pedals which I connect to TR. Pelotons do not transmit power or cadence data.

You can send your ride files from Peloton to TR via the Strava pass through, but I remember that data being way out of whack. It had something to do with the number of times per second Peloton records power data versus the number of times per second TR requires power data for a complete file. Long story short, I think you’ll need power meter pedals to take full advantage of adaptive training.

You can get power data from a Peloton using this little tool Intelligenate - DFC Data Broadcaster Details, as long as you have one of the older bikes.

I’ve been using one for a few months now and it has been rock solid.

Crap, i have those pedals on my outside bike, not sure i want to spend $700 for the peloton

Saw this before but i have the bike+ :frowning:

How accurate are the power readings on your peloton? Some are fairly accurate, some less so.

Mine is fairly accurate. I use a “SmartSpin2K”. It’s an open-source hardware device that basically can turn a spin bike into a smart bike. The latest version can take the power measurements from the peloton and transmit it to your phone or computer to use with TrainerRoad then control the bike’s resistance based on the TrainerRoad workout.

I don’t think it works with the bike+ unfortunately

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