Post Workout Meal Blood Sugar Low or Crash

Has anyone had any experience of always getting a major low / foggy head 1-2 hours after post workout meal which is high ish in carbs?

The only way i seem to be able to mitigate it is eat a low carb high fat and protein meal or none at all :laughing: which is less than optimal for recovery or performance one thinks. Could it be underfuelling workouts and or the day hence body using the carbs quick?

FYI generally healthy, pretty lean but maybe a little on the light side but otherwise no issues.

I drink home-mixed, non-fat chocolate milk after rides like this. Good balance of protein and carbs.

My wife and I call the foggiest I have after rides “train brain” … or less politically correct, “riding myself into a case of the dumb dumbs” :wink:

Good luck🤘

Would be a great idea if dairy sat well…

Haha maybe it is riding myself into a hole :man_shrugging:

Try to add some fat and some fiber and it should smooth the curve out quite a lot. It does not take much. 8 baby carrots and some hummus can make a near 100% carb meal fine rather than coma time for me.

I wear a CGM and watch this pretty closely but take it with a grain of salt cause individual responses to individual foods is VERY individual.

It’s simply the insulin response. You don’t have to restore all the glycogen right after your ride. Eat a more sensible meal and spread out the calories throughout if you have at least 24 hours before your next workout