Setting the intensity correctly

I took advantage of the flood of refererral codes and I am a happy TR user now.
I took FTP Ramp test - I ended up with around 275W and my first workout that my plan builder suggested was Z2 ‘Cloud Peak’ at up to 192 Watts.
I completed the activity with low HR and little effort at around 212W as the proposed value felt wayy to low.

Is there a way to adjust the dfficulty of workouts other than via FTP?
Even at 212W the activity didn’t feel like much, as I have been doing lots of base through winter until now, peaking with some 4-6 hour rides and basically 45 minutes of Z2 doesn’t feel like anything.
So I wonder how can I adjust my plan to have harder workouts that focus more on my weaker points - Z4 and above?

  • I don’t seem to see that workout in the library. Is that name correct?
  • The Plan Builder version you have is a result of your inputs during the process. You can alter the PB plan by changing your inputs during a new PB process.

  • Or you can potentially edit the individual blocks already in your plan on the calendar. Open the lead annotation at each training block, and you can edit the plan and volume.

  • I don’t seem to see that workout in the library. Is that name correct? [/quote]

It’s the outdoor version of Carter. Basically a recovery ride. It’s supposed to be real easy. Don’t base intensity on that workout. Wait until Palisade, McAdie, Warlow or any of the over-unders. If you use the recovery,/TSS fillers ride to base your workout intensity on a regular basis you’ll cook yourself. That particular ride is supposed to be easy like real easy. Boringly easy.


Not that much experience with Plan Builder, but why would it serve up a recovery ride as his first ride?

Probably because its the day after Ramp Test


it does make sense that way - it just wasn’t obvious from the description of that ride.
In retrospect, I definitely rode harder than recovery ride should be - I’ll think more next time :wink: