Calendar view frozen on web site, Chrome on iOS

Since the iOS/iPhone app does not allow calendar modifications, went over to on my phone. Calendar view is frozen, cannot scroll it. The rest of the functions work - you can add an activity to a date if it’s visible, for example; you can change the month; but you can’t scroll up and down the dates.

Having the same problem on iOS chrome.
Rotate the tablet or phone and see if it becomes mobile !

Tried, does not work.

It’s a know bug. Reload the page and it will work.

You’re right, reloading does fix it. Tx.

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As @harrybear mentioned, this is a known issue that has proved trickier to resolve than we originally thought. Our Team will likely revisit this in the future, but it has been put on the backburner for now.

Just refresh the page and regular function should be restored in the meantime.