Self-fusing silicon tape instead of electrical tape

Have anyone use it?
Looking to see if is worth the premium.

I use it to finish my bar tape. Just because the electrical tape can come loose in the heat. The silicone tape never does. Some just use it to wrap aerobar sticks instead of bar tape but I’ve never done that myself.


Yes. It’s basically a way to make your own rubber band. It doesn’t stick to the bar/tape, so you hold the starting point. You’ll want to cover the starting edge side-to-side, and you’ll need to manipulate the stretch to get the perfect clean application and tightness. Keep in mind when you stretch it, it gets narrower. Get a big enough roll to practice with.

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So you think it worth the premium over regular electrical tape (I mean… the good weather proof tape)

Well…to me the electrical tape just doesn’t work. :grin: And I hate grabbing onto a sticky, gooey mess that slides off the handlebar. So I’ll pay anything to fix…meaning I’m probably not the most discerning consumer, here.


3m super 88 works well, I tried the silicon fusing tape but still had slippage with certain bar tapes, and went back to electrical.

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Buy better electrical tape :wink:


This sounds like a great option for wrapping cables and hoses together?!?


I think I will buy the electrical tape for now and give a good brand one another try… if it doesn’t work, then I’ll try the silicon tape.

@liam_mail these cables have been wrapped with silicone tape for about three years:

Also good for a crude aero-enhancement to the stem on this gravel bike festooned with the selcof aero-drop-bars:


Cables look good!

Yes. Buy good stuff. And… Don’t pull it tight when you wrap your bars. Just put enough tension on the tape to keep everything in place. Especially on the outside wrap of the tape. This will keep it in place longer and prevent it from making that sticky mess when it slides back.

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3M Scotch Super 33 electrical tape for me. I used to use self-fusing silicon tape but I actually got a cleaner and more robust finish with just the electrical tape. Super 88 as recommended here works as well but is slightly thicker (some adhesive properties are slightly different too but doesn’t matter much for our application).

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Do you just use the cheap kind or the high end stuff that’s like twice the cost at $6 a roll? Check operating temp and sticking power:

Higher operating temp means the sticky part is less likely to run. Also make sure the last part stuck down is not under tension so it won’t try to pull apart. (High tension at the start and decrease tension till the end you plan to cut the roll off at

silicone tape smells weird, feels weird, wraps poorly, collects dust, and is ugly imo.

Tesa 51036 tape is my preference.

Stuff is great and has lots of uses. Quieted a squeaky glove compartment door with it.

The Duck Brand stuff. S’posed to be 80C. Just basic 600V/80C medium duty (I think it’s 7 mil?). Pretty cheap to be honest so I’m sure there is something with a better spec profile. But, really, it’s just perfect for electrical tape. :smiley: Just doesn’t work for bar tape. Or, maybe as you say, my application technique is poor.

Either way…anybody who finishes their bar tape with electrical tape or with silicone tape…you can all still ride with me. It’s ok.

3M make all the best sticky stuff, tapes, sticky backed foams etc, they have a great range of products too.

Recently I bought sticky backed magnetic tape to stick to the back of some plastic signage I needed to be able to put up/take down from a metal door….it works great.

Silicon tape eventually curls at the end.

When using the electrical tape, don.t overstretch before you cut as said above.

3M’s Self Amalgamating tape might be good for tri bars for a bit of cushioning and grip, but the end would probably need finished with electrical tape.

That Self Fusing tape on the bars and 12mm heat shrink wrap on the cables going to the rear.

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looks very clean!

I will give the good 3m tape a chance and if doest work as i expect I will get the self fusing tape.