Silca vs Supacaz bar tape

Race bike yearly tune up time. Anyone with experience with either of these?

I’ve used Supacaz a bunch. It is good stuff, but I find it to get really slick when wet if you do not wear gloves.

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For function: Silca is the clear winner. I’m gonna say also for durability but it’s only been on the bike for 10 months. I’m guessing it’s good for another 18 months easy.

For looks: Supacaz is the clear winner.

In spite of Josh’s recent talking up of the placebo effect…the silca bar tape is more than just placebo. :wink:

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Ive not used the Silca, but I’ve fingered up the Silca Nastro Piloti at Mellow Johnny’s (They stock Silca products) and it feels pretty similar to the Fizik tape I was using before, so likely a pretty good product. I was using Fizik almost exclusively until I ended up trying the SupaCaz because it was in stock when i needed something thicker for my Cross bike.


It’s on all my bikes now. Some of the Super Kush can get a little slick as @rbarr0913 said, but I don’t find that to be true with all of them, it varies really with the finish, I have black with blue stars on the cross bike now, and if anything, its a little tackier when wet. I really like the stuff, and it looks good, so that adds a few watts too. Double Win.


Supacaz: slippery without gloves when wet, and I was a little disappointed in the longevity. Haven’t tried Silca.

I’ve also used Supacaz bar tape. I liked it. It wasn’t Lizardskins level of grip, of course, but it was good and the colour was great. Installation was also fairly standard with a bit of stretch but not tons. I’ve bought it more than once.

The Silca bar tape is so good. For my use, it definitely outlasts the Supacaz, which seems very vulnerable to abrasion - since I ride in dusty and dirty environments a lot, this is important to me. Last year I bought a case of plain black “suede” tape factory direct, so once I finish going through that I’ll probably be back on the Silca tape. Or, if by some miracle I every work up the nerve to send Silca my sponsorship proposal (and they accept), I’d have it on all my bikes in a heartbeat. :slight_smile: Really terrific stuff.