Aero handlebars [wrap]

I was wondering how everyone wraps there aero/flat handlebars do you wrap full way up or not

My bike came with the tape about 1/8 of the way up the flat bit or less and most of the flat bit unwrapped. I got used to it and retaped it that way.

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You’ll probably run out of tape if you try to make it all the way. In any case, it’s all personal taste. Put some wax on the bar centers so they aren’t so slippery - or spill your drink.

Canyon bars have a little indent so I stop there, purely out of cosmetics. On the road, im on the flats maybe 5% of a ride so dont really need tape there to hold sweat and grime.

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I don’t wrap past the brake hoods….going beyond that makes the bars too fat and blows up the aero advantage the bars offer.

The exception to that would be bars that have an indent further up for tape such as the aforementioned Canyon bars.

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Photo below shows how I wrapped my Easton aero bars. I’ve found the position on the tops to be very comfortable without tape.


Wrapping the aero tops is criminal.


I was wondering how much benefit/watts saved do u get from aero bars

Ive not seen any official studies but it is probably marginal with something like 80% of the drag being caused by the rider themselves and they are still there. A very finger in the air guess from me would be 0.5w or less. When I had them on my Bianchi though (before I converted it to a TT bike) they did feel nice :slight_smile:

all I’ve read puts watt savings in the 5ish watt region for aero handlebars. I recently switched to prime doyenne, but I’ve also gone from 42cm stock bars to 38cm aero, so personally hoping for a bit more. I probably won’t find out for sure how they perform outside for at least another month, maybe 2 depending on how sloppy the roads remain in winter

Same bars, same wrapping job. Just enough to hide the hoses.

Just past the brake hoods, leaving the airfoil top section clean.

I’ve thought about putting a tiny bit of grip tape on the top towards the trailing edge but haven’t tried it yet. Purpose being to make the faux aero position a bit more secure; the bar gets kinda slippery if I’m sweating.