What is your bar wrap technique?

Came across this Instagram post. It’s a little bit different than what I’m used to. Curious if others go to such lengths to ‘mummify’ their brake and shifter cables prior to actually applying the wrap?


Don’t have insta so can’t watch but putting fiber tape on exposed (read non-internally routed) cables helps prevent them from stetching under the bar tape. ol’ trick from the days of cable actuated rim brakes

I wish I had bookmarked the last vid I followed after doing a double shifter wrap thing (I think that video does the same thing) its the best I have ever taped bars.

I don’t put that much e-tape on but always a fair bit of it to keep cables in place. Less so if I use fibre tape that stretches less.

With hydro and electronic shifting you really don’t need much. Just enough to keep the hoses in place.

The wrap around the hoods is exactly how I’ve done it forever.

Any leads on that finishing ring though? That’s a nice way to finish your tape off if you are starting with a bare bar with no hoses, housing or levers.


That guy needs to learn to pull the tape tighter when wrapping…but other than that, the technique is solid.

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Where can I get that rubber band that is used on the tops?

Ok. Learning about fiber tape for the first time here. Can you show me an example? Is that Just the usual handlebar wrap?

Here’s the kind I use (similar at least)

And here’s an old youtube that shows applying tape (albeit red electrical) as I reccommend

The idea here is that if you don’t tape (external cable routing) and jam on the brakes the cable can pull away and slowly strech out your bar tape and make it loose and look like garbage. There’s also the transfer of motion and if the housing wiggles, then that force is going to wiggle instead of apply brake force …

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Amazon of course,… and in several colors a different vendor has them in black.

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New bike. Electric shift, hydraulic brakes, internal routing. A bit of phase tape around the shifters . Reverse tape the bars. I’m light handed and easy on the tape.

So you recommend use of the fiber reinforced tape instead of regular electrical tape?

I use silicone tape to finish my wrap. There’s no adhesive residue and it permanently bonds to itself.
Edit: As for technique, I use the tried-and-true start from the drops and work up. Figure-8 at the brifters. Wrap the same direction as my grip, so it doesn’t loosen over time.

I use this method as it’s the only one I’ve seen that has the tape direction going the right way (for me) on both the drops (away) and tops (towards). It’s a figure 8 that covers the hoods. I don’t wrap everything in electrical tape like the OP instagram. I’ll probably do this shortly as it’s raining here today and I need to refresh my tape. :grinning:

Bizarrely GCN tech updated their bar wrap video yesterday.

Here it is…

He also goes into the different directions and has a top tip from ParkTools’ Calvin…

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Recommend, and have since like 2014 only a piece or three along the way to keep it tight to the bars.

If you take off the tape of a stock specalized in the store you’ll probably find a little there too.

Just unwrapped my bars recently. As best I can tell, they just used a couple pieces of scotch tape (or similar) at the factory to hold brake and shifter lines in place.

This looks similar to mine, but no figure 8 and a thinner wrap by the hoods. Might give this a try as it has the tape direction right.

Double-stick tape start and end is a nice touch. I agree he seems to be lacking some tension on the wrap. That Figure-8 is my method as well that works for my needs. The rubber ring at the tops is nice and could be “hacked” via a cut inner tube. I have to try that next time.

My only other critique is the “normal” housing routing to the frame when I feel the “California Cross” is a cleaner housing routing.


Do you run your brakes UK style too?


  • Left is front brake and shifter
  • Right is rear brake and shifter

I just like the CC for how the housing bends better going to the “opposite” side of the head tube and think it leads to less frame rub as well. Mostly cosmetic though and I know not everyone likes CC.

ETA Ref pic