Selecting "Devices" while at the gym


I have a TR software recommendation. One thing that drives me nuts is being in the gym, surrounded by BLE and ANT+ devices, and trying to connect to a Stages bike PM and my HRM in the “Devices” menu of my android app. The devices keep on flashing and moving around and selecting what I need is like playing whack-a-mole. Can there be some sort of a favorites menu that is always on top for devices previously connected? This can’t be difficult.

Thank you!


The app should already remember your previously paired devices. Once the device is woken up, it should re-pair automatically.
Make sure you’re not hitting the “forget device” button when you’re finished with your ride. This will allow the app to remember the last device they paired to, which should allow us to auto pair to that device as soon as the device is awake. Devices that are paired will always jump to the top of the devices list, which makes them easier to locate.

Additional Pro tip: pair your HRM to the app before you walk into the gym. That way it’s the only device in the vicinity and you won’t run into this issue for HR. :sunglasses:

The shuffling of devices on the devices screen could be improved though, passing along to the team as a feature request. Cheers!


Hi Ivy

Thanks for looking into it. The app doesn’t always automatically connect to previously connected devices and I need to unpair and connect again. That process leads to the whack-a-mole game. But your HRM pre-connection advice will help!

Another thought…it might help to be able to filter shown devices available for connection by connection type so I can make sure that PM is connected via BLE and HRM by ANT+. At the moment I achieve this by looking at the little connection icons for each device but this requires some skills due to the devices jumping around so much…

In that case, I would reach out to so they can take a look at your app version and devices to try some troubleshooting, because that’s not expected behavior. Previously paired devices should be remembered, sorry for the trouble.

It will only reconnect to the same exact serial number device. Most likely, you aren’t getting on the same bike at the gym each time, and each bike will have a unique serial number. I’d bet $20 that’s your issue.

It has to tie it to serial number, or else everyone with the same power meter would be reading an other person’s power meter.