Accidently added Sterzo Smart to Trainer Road program, can't remove it now

Not sure how it happened but somehow my Sterzo Smart steering thing got “added” via bluetooth to TrainerRoad. Windows version. It may be interfereing with smart trainer operation, and TrainerRoad has assigned it as a smart trainer.

The odd thing is, it’s flickering on the devices page where it says “pairing” and greyed out, then blinks into existence, then greys out again. And I can’t “forget device” because it seems you can’t forget a device in TR that isn’t active.

So is there a way to delete/forget old devices without them being active at the moment?

Probably best to email for this issue.

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Same issue here. Any resolution?

I would try removing the device from Windows system settings under “Bluetooth and other devices settings”

Follow up:

Support contacted me after I emailed them per @mcneese.chad recommendation.
The answer was to uninstall the app, as well as clear out some other data files to make sure all previously paired devices were forgotten. @Olly62395 I can provide details but if you’re not running Win10 the directions will not be the same.

It all went according to plan… BUT THEN…

When I went back into TrainerRoad, I paired the smart trainer and heart rate, etc.

BUT THEN THIS STERZO THING SHOWED UP AGAIN. And it appears I never did pair it before. It’s being recognized by TR as a smart trainer, and that flickering thing is back. Can’t be paired, can’t be forgotten. And while riding, the ERG/Resistance mode also flickers so that’s concerning.

I have both ant+ and BT running on my Windows laptop. Both are running off USB adapters.

Lately I’ve had some issues with the smart trainer changing power settings, not sure yet if the Sterzo is causing this…

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I’ve got the same issue with the wife’s stryd pod. TR is trying to pair as a meter, it can’t so I then can’t tell TR to forget the device. Done the uninstall/reinstall thing and like you no change so I have to live with it.

Most of the time I think it’s ok but sometimes it can block the pairing to my actual meter.

What we could do with within the settings, is an option to automatically pair to devices on/off toggle.

My solution for now is to remove the batteries from the sterzo when using TR. Not ideal


You can’t do that with a stryd though… Plus they seem to have a huge range… :expressionless:

Similar problem. I can’t get rid of it. Help.

Oh no! Please reach out to the team at They’ll be happy to take a look!

If you are still having issues with the stryd, get an RFID blocking bag and stick the stryd in it when using TR. these are essentially faraday cage bags, so will block the stryd signal

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Thanks, good tip. However I fixed the issue following contact with support. Complete uninstall plus remove local files, therefore on reinstalling, the app didn’t remember the stryd as a paired device, so this broke the cycle of it trying/failing to pair to it. Obviously this cleared all my favourite workouts but it was worth it.

That stryd is still there in available devices, I’ll be ‘upset’ if I accidentally click on it again…:scream::scream:


Contact support, assuming you are on windows they will give you instructions to uninstall plus remove local files, that will fix it.

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