Seat tube mount for gopro

Hi all,

I have a GoPro Hero5 Session that I’d like to mount on my seat tube, I’ve tried looking for some sort of mount but can’t find anything that will fit. I have a Giant Defy which has a D-shaped seat tube.

If you know of a mount that will work, please let me know.

Thank you!

Really suggest getting a mount that goes under the saddle on the rails. Anything lower (with a side bolt) on the post can end up touching your shorts - you might hardly notice it - but catch it just a few times and by the end of ride you find your best pair of bib shorts have a hole - been there - done that. Got the under saddle rail mount - problem solved - its out of the way - and higher (so you don’t get loads of footage of the top of your back tire)

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I run a hero 5 on the front with this mount. Bolt on top and hero underneath

And a rear facing hero 5 session on the seat with this mount. $13

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Shapeways might be the way to go, plenty of options on there and I’m sure you’d also find someone who would do an ad-hoc version.


You will also find plenty of the same on thingiverse for free! (Assuming you have access to the printer). Some of those prices seemed fairly insane to me.

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Guess price reflects the difference between mass producing something and adhoc requests in a design and colour you want. Anything around or below the £30 mark I believe would be good value for one off jobs.

I’ve no idea of the costs of good 3D printing and costs of just getting it set up, but I’m sure that isn’t cheap. I would have imagined most “blueprints” would be available for free.

Hopefully some years down the line, owning a “replicator” will be as common as owning a microwave oven and just as easy to operate!

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