Rear Light w/ Go Pro Mount

Hi All,

Does anyone have any suggestions for a rear light that has a go pro mount?


Are you looking to mount:

  • 1 rear light to a GoPro style mount? (To make use of an existing GP mount already installed?)
  • 2 devices (light and camera) with a single clamp?

Assuming you want to mount to a seat post (as opposed to saddle rails, do you have any restriction on seat post shape/size?

Hi Chad,

I’m looking for option 1. I already have a GoPro mount attached to the rails of my saddle via this k edge mount.



Do a search on for a custom 3d printed adapter for the light of your liking.
I use this one to mount a Garmin Varia to a GoPro mount:

Are any lights that use the Garmin that aren’t the varia? I’m a wahoo user…


Bontrager makes all sorts of mounts for different lights that are “GoPro” compatible. I use one on a K-Edge front mount.

I think Wahoo have announced to intend to implement Varia intergration. Not sure of the timeline though.

I really hope so!