GoPro mount recommendations

Forgive my ignorance and my possibly additional post on something that probably gets some discussion. However, I can’t find info that I am wanting from cyclist. Its probably out there but I thought who best other than TR people.

I’m looking for feedback on GoPro Hero 8 helmet mounts and handlebar mounts, protective case, etc. I know nothing about these and limited time to dig in to all the research, etc. Can anyone recommend mounts? Helmet sticker vs strap, case or no case, etc. For context, I will be riding up a long hill and would like to capture the ride and don’t want to end up with pics of the pavement.

Thanks in advance. I just want to focus on reliable equipment w/o purchasing an untested product.

I use a stuntman chest mount and then you mount the camera upside down and tilt the camera somewhat. This allows the view to be more level when you are leaned over.

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I used a gopro helmet mount strap (one that goes through the airvents) and didn’t like the camera weight on top of my helmet, and like you said, I was always afraid I would adjust it badly (had one video of the nice sky above, another of just the road). Not so shabby example here:

Best mount IMO is on the handlebar, I have a k-edge garmin mount with a gopro attachment under the garmin, so it sits just below the handlebars. You can see an example of how it looks here:

If you want more of a first-person view, I would go with the chest mount. You can also use the extender arm to put it closer to your head. These videos look more dynamic, since they include the handlebars, front wheel, and they kinda move where you move.


Thank you for your recommendations and feedback. I have a light that I attached to my head with a strap and. Since you mention, it felt a little heavy, from what I remember. That could be irritating for a long time until adaptation.