Search for a Perfect Company like Clif Bar for My Next Career Move

This is my first post in TrainerRoad Forum, and I hope this type of question is ok here…

Do you know any other company similar to Clif Bar in Emeryville, CA in the states?

Here is the background. I am new to cycling, and I started my first racing season last year. I studied Mechanical Engineering, and I have been working as a systems integration engineer for 6 years in New York. I have been thinking about my career change, and I have been searching for a company that would fit with my next career move.

I have been searching for positions such as project engineer, test engineer, manufacturing, process engineer, and even technical writing. Recently, I learned some positions that are open at Clif Bar, and I started to research more about the company. Then I realize that Clif Bar is a perfect fit for me in every way, so I am planning to brush up my resume, cover letter, and my interview skills so I can start applying to the positions.

Although I have been doing some research for companies similar to Clif Bar, I realize that I have a limit to what I know, so I wanted to ask some opinions in this community here.

So you might be wondering why do I think Clif Bar is the right fit?
Below are some keywords that I picked up from their website:
-Cycling community
-Voluneering on working days
-Commute incentive
-an onsite fitness center, personal trainers, paid workout time, as well as concierge services such as life coaching, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, and organic produce delivery.
-every day is bring your dog to the work day

Thank you!

Is this a too specific question?

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It is a bit specific. All I know about Clif Bar is that I could not get them to look at my resume a dozen years ago. :slight_smile: I got a better job, so it all worked out.

Many “tech” companies off perks (perqs?) along those lines in the SF Bay area. I work at a bank and we have enclosed bike parking in the fenced parking lot, paid volunteer time off, commute incentive, on site gym. No concierge services, but there is a pool table on the 4th floor I think. Mentors, community engagement,etc. Can’t bring your dog. Working Mother says we are on the list of 100 Best Companies for Working parents. Human Right Campaign lists us as one of the best places to work for LGBTQ Equality.

Perfect? No, nothing is, but the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is pretty darn good.


Hmm That’s what I thought, but thank you for the input! I was afraid that it is very competitive at Clif Bar, but I guess I would never know unless I try it! :slight_smile: What was the position you were trying to apply back then?

I didn’t list about Working parents, but that’s also another box I need to check off as I think that I need to start thinking about starting a family.

I wonder if anyone working at Clif Bar reads this post. :wink:

If I remember correctly they were looking for help with an ERP implementation. I had just finished work on an SAP set up, so it seemed like a good fit.

Why not? The question is reasonable.

Maybe I read it differently than the rest of you. I’ll zip it

Thanks for looking out tho :slight_smile:
I guess it is possible that I am advertising that I want to work there and searching for other company as well…

Going off the topic a little, but how is team clif bar recurting members for their team? Not that I am aiming to join the race team, but I was just curious. I suppose for example, Pete was racing in other team, and the Team clif bar just offered a position??

What the Chief was perhaps getting at:

If a hiring manager quickly read the original post, they might conclude that the OP is more interested in perks and extras than in professional career opportunity and how he/she will develop and contribute to the business.

In a world where HR recruiters and hiring managers are swamped, look at tons of CVs, and make quick judgments about follow-up (or not), you always want to give a great first impression and know why you want to join a new firm.

I don’t think that was the intent by the OP because it sounded like the first part of the fit was the company and career. Then the second part as he/she dug deeper was: “Wow!!! Not only do I fit in here, but the perks and culture look amazing too”!!!

Hope that is useful.


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Yes that’s it exactly, thanks

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