Group rides in San Francisco

Are there any San Fran riders on here? I’m going to be staying near South Beach for about 10 days with work later this month and am planning to bring my bike and get some training in as it seems there’s some great riding near the city. Have some ideas of where to go on my own, but would be great if I could find some good group rides that wouldn’t mind a newcomer tagging along. I’m reasonably strong, do plenty of group riding and racing, and happy to do my turns on the front as long as somebody tells me where I’m going!

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions

Rapha does a few group rides starting from their clubhouse in SF. I think you don’t have to be a member to join - not sure. They’re a fast group if that’s what you like and although they say “no-drop”, it’s better to be prepared to get back on your own because in my experience it’s not “no-drop”.

Lots of good rides in the area. Enjoy.

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Check out Fat Cake Club on Instagram or Strava. Fairly large groups that roll out around the city on Thursday mornings (615 from Conservatory of Flowers) and to Hawk Hill on Tuesday mornings (6:15 from GGB). Wide range of fitness levels from P/1/2s to rec riders, and easy regroup points. Also a great way to check out the best pastry places in the city.


Also happy to help you map out some routes if you want to go out on your own.

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I live across the bridge in Marin and if you don’t mind an extended warm up, there are some good options here.

These all leave from Java Hut in Fairfax. The loop is the same: Sir Frances Drake -> Nicasio -> Point Reyes -> Olema -> back, but Sunday runs the opposite direction.

Wednesday 9:15 roll, between Saturday and Sunday pace
Saturday 9:15 roll, called the Roasters ride, race pace drop ride
Sunday 10:15 roll, mellow to start, hard on some hills with two regroup points

I think there’s a contingent that meets at the GG bridge and rolls up to Fairfax together, but it could just be Saturdays and I’m not sure on the timing.


Here goes:

  • Saturdays - tons of group rides: Bespoke Cycles (ride meets at the shop starting at 7:45, and leaves at 8:15am), Rapha (usually leaves at 8:30), Fusion / Scotty’s Ride (leaves from GGB South Plaza at 8:30am) + other rides that meet at the GGB South Plaza
  • During the week - check out Fat Cake Club (Facebook Page or website) or Rapha

Good luck and enjoy the riding

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Thanks everyone, lots of good options for me to look into. Fat Cake and pastry sounds good!