Scicon Aerocomfort MTB Bike Travel Bag - Rolling Straight?

I’ve had a Scicon Aerocomfort MTB Bike for a number of years. I quite like the bag and it does a great job protecting my XC bike during travel and is fairly easy to back. However since day one its had an issue with not wanting to roll straight. When you roll it, it constantly pulls badly to one side. I have to sort of hold the strap like the reins on a horse and pull in the opposite direction to keep it going straight. The wheels themselves seem fine and are not sticking.

Wondering if anyone else has had this issue or if your bag rolls straight?

I have the road version of Aerocomfort and honestly this thing never rolls straight. I know a few people who experience the same. Mine came with a few spare wheels and each time during a trip I make a mental note to replace them in the hope that it will help but then I just come back home and forget about it until the next flight :).

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