Hard Travel Case compatible with tubeless tires?

Currently I have a Scicon Aerotech hard case which I adore, it’s traveled the world with me without fail. The issue I have is with my transition to tubeless the case’s provisions for wheels isn’t adequate. Meaning that a standard 700c tyre w/ tube must be completely deflated to fit into the allocated wheel space. For tubeless I’d like to maintain at least 20PSI to keep the bead set on the rim.

Is there a hard case (zero interest in soft cases) of good quality that is suitable to keep the tires slightly inflated? I know Scicon has released an updated model, but I don’t think it’s changed, there is the Bikebox company, but I couldn’t find any details on space for tires.

Who has a great hard case that is suitable for tubeless?


I have a trico sports iron case that I literally just decided to try to sell to purchase the Airport Ninja by Orucase. Not sure if it works with tubeless, but also don’t see why it wouldn’t. Let me know if you’d be interested!

The Thule Round Trip hard case should work. It’s a really nice case with an integrate stand that you can use to work on your bike. However it is very large. I used it for a couple of mountain biking trips but found it a bit too cumbersome and switched to an Evoc Pro.

I know you said you are not interested in a soft case, but I’ve been super happy with the Evoc Pro. It has been great to travel with and easily accommodates my mountain bikes (29") or my road bike. I use wheel bags with my road wheels and they fit in well. You should be able to fit your wheels with some air in them still without difficulty. The Evoc case really does provide very good protection for the bikes.

Thanks, I’ll check out Thule, being too large doesn’t sound great though. I have a Scicon AeroComfort as well, just not a fan of soft cases. Most of my trips are international with multiple legs on the journey, the hard case is abused, but the bike is well protected. Coming from Thailand once with the soft case with my shifters were moved on the bars, not great.

Hopefully there is a great new hard case out there that’s truly tubeless compatible.