Bike boxes & Bags - opinions and suggestions please

I’m looking to purchase my first bike bag/box and I thought I’d ask you lovely people before I push the button.

Currently, this is top of my list Scicon

Does anybody have any experience with this piece of kit? Any other suggestions? My bike is QR, no weird sizings.

Thanks :+1:

I’ve just borrowed one of these from a mate and have to say it’s a great option. Well built, not too heavy, good protection, easy to store.

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Have a Bike Box Alan -

It’s great - bulletproof construction, relatively lightweight for a hard case, and easy enough to fit a large road or TT bike in. A lot of hire companies in the UK use these, which is a good sign that they’ll survive plenty of abuse.

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I’ve got a SCICON Tri bag and love it. I’ll be flying with it for the first time in May but have used it for a few road moves and have found it well made and really easy to pack.

My only slight annoyance was I thought it could come with some better instructions, there is one knob that I’ve not found a use for yet in about 13 months of owning the bag…

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I’ve got one of the below, essentially a BikeBoxAlan copy with a slightly inferior anti-crush system (plastic poles that screw onto the end of the QRs.

I managed to get it in a sale and with a cashback code, it ended up being under £180 delivered.

Have used it for 6 flights so far, on one it was dropped off the side of the loading conveyor from about 8 feet in the air - the bike was undamaged and the case just marked on the corner.

I do find the supplied foam quite bulky which ends up putting pressure on the spokes whichever way it is packed (I have seen instructions showing the bike both ways around).

Now when I pack I do leave the stem on the bike and take the bars off (have marked the position on the bars) as it enables squeezing the brake levels and getting the bars in a much better position away from the wheel spokes.

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Have the Thule rectangle bike box. About 10 years old but the current version looks similar. Have used it many times myself either shipping as freight (UPS, Bike Flights), flying as checked baggage and have loaned it out to friends.

Pros: Big, Easy to pack, Rugged. This is a big box so you can pack gear/clothes in with the bike.

Cons: Big, Heavy, Can be awkward for smaller humans to drag around an airport or load into a rental car.

Buy the Thule if you plan to both ship and fly with the case a lot, need something rugged, and don’t mind the weight and size. For mostly flying, I’d look at a bike carrier that is easier to drag around and which might fit in a smaller car (if using a rental car to get around).

Also have a clam shell wheel box from Tri All 3 Sports. Needed something that would fit 29’er wheels for a flight. This looked good but it’s not robust enough in construction and during shipping / handling the two halves tend to slip, or collapse together. Its a design issue IMO. Would not buy again or recommend.


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Only Issue with a hard case is what you do with it once you get to your destination. I had a big hard case when I went to Belgium and it was a pain in the butt to put in the rental car and hotels.

I think that this is one of the best cases, only issue I see with the Scicon is if you are using an airline that charges for bikes their is no way you can say it’s not a bike. Luckily most airlines in the US no longer charge insane amounts for bikes.

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True, once managed to get mine into an Uber Prius in San Francisco and then it took the driver and I about 15 minutes trying to get it out again! I think it’s worth it for the protection and peace of mind, if it’s a trip where the box will be too much hassle then I just rent.

I use Orucase for ease of travel and it always fits in a compact rental car.