B&W Bike Case 2

Does anyone have experience with the B&W Bike Case 2 hard sided bike carrier for flying? Taking my Scott Addict and Enve wheels to the US this weekend and want to make sure it arrives unscathed!

I own one, have it used only once. Bike is safe in there and the bag is quite compact.

However, opening and closing it is a little bit tricky. If they open it for security check after you have checked it in, they may not close it properly. Difficult to explain. I don’t really want to use it anymore for this very reason.

I totally get that and yeah, that bothers me too.

My buddy just used that case for our trip to Iceland. Case is bombproof and very durable. Would not worry about the bike getting damaged at all.

I get the point that @sryke mentioned, but don’t know how prevalent it may be. His bike arrived through TSA with no issues re: proper closing again.

However, the case is big and if you airline goes by linear inches to determine if there is an extra charge, you’ll definitely get dinged. I successfully negotiated three of our bikes through to Iceland w/o having to pay for them, but really had no leg to stand on with his case…it was just so far outside the 72 linear inch limit by United.

This is something I’m wondering about as well. I read an amazon review from someone who actually had an issue with this. Case got opened by TSA and not closed properly again. And I can see how this could happen. It is a bit finicky.