Scicon Aero Bike Bag Thru Axle Conversion

Has anyone used the scicon bike bag with the quick release frame and succesfully converted it to mount a thru axle bike frame.

not sure if this is possible, there seems to be a few gadgets on amazon but not sure if any are the right one…
If anyone has any experience of this would be much appreciated.


I’ve done this conversion with my Scicon bag although as a one off I just used the QR on the front as normal and then on the rear I put the thru axle in the frame and cable tied (with padding) the axle to the bag frame and made sure it was all strapped down securely.
For the longer term I got a mate with a 3D printer to print these;

which worked really well as a conversion

oooh this looks good, im working on getting someone to 3d print this for me now. Cheers!