Tacx Direct Drive Thru Axle Adapter 142 - where to find?

I was hit by a car and my bike is a total loss. I’m getting a new Canyon Endurace AL 7.0 bike this week and need a 142mm thru axle adapter for my Tacx Neo (previous bike was quick release bike). Problem is I cannot find this adapter in stock ANYWHERE.

Anyone have any tips to find this part or have one they are willing to sell me? This is in the US.

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Looked at some foreign stores and I think I found one from Merlin Cycles :+1:

I checked Merlin Cycles and only saw an inexpensive alloy thru axle. If that is what you are looking at, you should be very careful. Thru axles thread into your frame. High quality one are made of steel where the threads are manufactured to tight tolerances. Lower quality ones could damage the threads on your bike frame. The Robert Axle Project is a popular thru axle. I use a similar one:

I bought mine directly from Tacx

This one T2835. https://tacx.com/product/direct-drive-quick-release-with-adapterset/

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Amazon UK seems to have stock…

Will be curious to hear if you can get this to work with your canyon. Please report back! I have a Canyon Inflite (with thuraxles) and I’ve passed on even trying to put it on my neo. My concern is with the cap on the drive-side of the thruaxle thread. Looks like the Endurace AL 7.0 has the same cap:

It’s got a bolt to remove, but I just haven’t bothered to remove it to scope it out. Really I’d just be guessing if it fits after that, and it’d be $50 just to find out for sure. Plus, unclear if disc brake housing interferes with the neo body. I already have to take the brake off my AL disc trek, and the more parts that need to be mucked with the more annoying it is to change bikes.

Edit: also… super sorry to hear you were hit by a car. That really blows. I hope you recover well.

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I’ll report back when I get the bike this week, but according to some random dude on the internet:

That is just a glued-on piece of plastic - you have to peel it off for the hole in the frame to be exposed. Don’t unscrew the screw in the hole there (that holds the rear derailleur to the frame).

Couldn’t quite figure out which axle would work on a Tacx Neo here, but I did shoot them an email. I’ve never had a thru axle bike before. Is there a difference between Tacx’s adapter and an axle from The Robert Axle Project?

No, you can use an axel from anywhere as long as it’s the same size and thread count.

I am pretty sure that’s not true.

The Neo doe NOT have a “normal” thru axle compatible design. It must use their special adapter (that is still based on a small threaded skewer). The design is like the earlier Wahoo Kickr that only had a thru hole large enough for a regular bike skewer, not a 12mm thru axle.

There are some videos on YT about mounting the T-A for the Neo. Watch those before making an axle purchase.

Edit to add Shane’s video:

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I’m in the same boat. I got my Flux S this weekend only to realize the thru axle adaptor wasn’t included, called all the bike stores in the DFW metro and they all said at least a month… Thank goodness I hadnt sold my beginner road bike that works with the skewer included.

@SamMose My order from Merlin shipped immediately. Maybe check that place out.

@mcneese.chad Yeah I believe this is true from what I can see. It only takes a small skewer unless I could somehow completely take it apart.


Thanks for the heads up. Ordered it.

From Robert Axle Project

At this point you need to contact Tacx and get the Thru Axle conversion kit that is needed to allow a thru axle bike to mount on that trainer. I do not think that is a direct drive trainer that takes a thru axle natively if it did you would be able to use your stock axle.

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Maybe too late to help, but I found a picture with Endurace AL Disc with trainer Tacx tainer axle mounted, and it seems there’s no interference

Thanks. An earlier poster said the cap is just glued on. I’m not biggly interested in prying it off. If it was a road bike, I might not worry about it, but since mine is a cross bike it just becomes another mud-storage location. I’ve had a couple super-mudders already this season.


Did you figure out whether Tacx thru axle adapter is compatible with Canyon Inflite?
I’m 99% it isn’t as you can’t get adapter through from that end, regardless whether you remove the cap.

On Neo 1 and 2 you need to use the Tacx Direct Drive Thru Axle Adapter if you have a Thru Axle Bike.
Canyon Inflite is compatible but you will need to peel of the plastic cover mentioned above, there is no other way.

Neo 2T is different, Thru Axle is native and you just use the thru axle that came with your bike.

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