School accounts

I’d like to request the ability for organisations like schools to have accounts.

My school has just got some watt bikes and it would be amazing if our kids could use TR to improve their fitness


This would be awesome. Not to mention grow the sport, increase user base, and when they graduate likely keep using it (paying).

What specifically would be the proposal here?

  • How would students interact with TR in terms of accounts?
  • What would be the proposed functions vs discounts in comparison to a regular account access and price?

Just trying to understand how much you’d expect and pay. We’ve seen similar suggestions for student and/or family plans but setting the desired features vs price is devil in the details that matters more than a basic idea.

This stuff happens with schools all the time for textbooks, online apps, etc. Most access is in the $5 per user range per student. There are other management tools for sports teams. Most range from $100-$500 per season for unlimited access.

Likely what TR would need to create is a team account. Through logging in with their school email students would have access to TR workouts. From there you could create tiers of what could be done. For example for $500 per season you allow 20 riders access to TrainerRoad. For $800 you allow 30 users and the Coach access to create a calendar and schedule workouts for the team.

Discounted prices for teams and youth would get kids used to the program, build subscription numbers and ultimately grow the business.

This could also be a way for clubs and teams to increase participation in low income-high minority schools. The sport needs to increase diversity and female participation and this could help!

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The post below sums up my feelings really well

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Hey! I love this idea of more people getting faster, and am stoked to hear the school has some watt bikes!
I don’t foresee this feature request getting on the roadmap, though. The lift to create a separate functioning app to facilitate many riders would be significant, and likely not utilized frequently.

We’ll keep an eye on this thread (and other threads for multiple athletes) to gauge interest. Thanks!

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I’m not a student, nor am I student age, but I was at one point. At that age I would have preferred Zwift much more than TR. I’m a huge TR fan now but I just can’t see TR holding a students interest for very long especially compared to Zwift.

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Could be as simple as student prices and a push notification or email to the coach once a workout is completed.

Or a simple discount code given to the school. Get the kids the code and they can use it day for 20 students.

How hard can it be — just give them a free account. Please :slight_smile:

Haha I hear you all, we want kids (and the whole world) to be a faster place, too!

Apart from the aforementioned bandwidth lift though for what this would involve in onboarding flow and managing multiple athletes, I should also advise that our terms of service don’t actually allow people under the age of 18 to join TrainerRoad. That is to say, I know this is a cool idea, but there are more than a couple reasons why we won’t be able to do this.

Thanks for the enthusiasm and understanding! :thumbsup: