SBR Rockr Pod Lite, anyone use one?

Looking for review of the Rockr plate lite, has any one used one? The price is pretty decent

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I have one on hand and plan to test it in November. They are a nice and simple approach to adding motion. I aim to compare it against my own rockers and the SPR ROCKR PRO I have been using the most recently.


Awesome, Looking forward to hearing your review.


Hey there. Did you do some testing on these yet?

Unfortunately, not yet. I have my basement cleared out (with all my spare rockers in the attic) to make room for a remodel.

@Humunuku, I just realized I am putting on a Zwift demo at my shop this weekend. They asked me to bring in a rocker plate, so I will bring the SBR ROCKR Lite so I can try it there, as well as see what other people think.

I will report back on Sunday or Monday, once I get some impressions on it.

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cool, look forward to hearing about it.

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This is a really cleaver design and pretty simple to make. With out the traditional bottom plate I am wondering what holds the balls (aka springs) in place?

I haven’t tested, but I am assuming the weight of the bike, rocker and plate itself hold the palls down enough, and the placement / inflation holes should keep them in place. The rock angle should keep the balls in the hole even at full lean.

Those are all guesses since I haven’t tried it yet.

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Are you still planning on using it today at your bike shop demo?

That’s the plan.

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Looking forward to your review.


Me too! I’m waiting on an SBR Pro now, but interested to see if I should change for the in stock lite to pair with my Neo.

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Chad, did you get a chance to use this rocker plate at your demo last weekend?

I had it there, but I got slammed early and couldn’t get it in use.

But I will be using it for my workout tomorrow.

FWIW, different model but same builder- I have used the Rockr Pod Pro for a little over a year now and am super happy with it. I did have to build a simple taller front wheel chuck.

For mine the balls are just held between the wooden plates and you pump them up however much you want with a standard needle. Have had zero issues with it, just strap the trainer on it and forget it. It’s helped with sprints and standing starts and things this year, allows for more natural movement.


Kickr17 installed, 10lbs counterweight, and no springs installed. I think this will work for me with just the rocker rails. Will update after my ride tomorrow.


Ride done. I have carpet in the workout room, and wanted to try the rocker with a hard surface. So I used some loose boards under the rocker rails.

They gave good feel and easy motion, but lead to an issue. The rocker “walked” back and slid off the boards. I think it was largely from my bodged setup. On a normal hard floor, it would probably work fine.

The one additional thing I would add would be some rubber glued to the rocker rails, to make it more likely to not slide.

So, after finishing my first interval, I removed the bottom boards and set the rocker right on the carpet. That solved the walking issue.

In use, and with no inflated springs in place, the rocker has a nice amount of movement while seated. It felt quite similar to my full SBR Rockr Pro. It is lively but controllable via rider input to the bars. And anyone wanting more support could simply add the inflated springs to control it more.

For out of the saddle efforts, the motion is more restrained than I prefer. The leveling force ramps up a bit the more the plate leans. It’s a feature of the rail shape. I think it makes sense for the likely majority of riders who probably don’t want as much or free motion as I have grown to like.

I think this is an impressive rocker given the simplicity and price. It is more capable than I would have guessed, and is likely as much rocker and motion as most riders may ever need.

If nothing else, it’s a great entry into trainer motion, and can let a person know if it is enough for their preference or if they want to get more motion and maybe even add fore-aft via more complicated designs.

This is a winner in my book. I plan to use it again on Tue for my 2 workouts.

Let me know if you have questions I didn’t address.


Thanks for the info @mcneese.chad When I saw your “ride on” pop up during this morning’s 4hr trainer ride I immediately had rocker plates on the brain :joy: I currently just leave some play in the levelers on my H3 and have some extra foam under them, but need to step up my game given the hours I put in on the trainer.


That’s not a bad hack to test the waters. It can be a small indicator of the benefits to adding some movement for sure.