"Save for later" feature request

Would be great to have option to flag workouts of interest to ride at a later time. Sort of like building a wishlist of sessions that I might swap out during a plan. There are always great workout suggestions on the forum with a link to the session, Thus, a “save for later “ button or something like that would be terrific. Thanks

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I think this is a good idea, and should be relatively easy to implement. In fact when I saw your post I was convinced that such a feature must exist, and was surprised that it doesn’t.

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Is this different than what you get marking a workout as a favorite?

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This exists on the mobile app, but not on web. It would be nice if they were sync’d.

For now I just look up the workout on the mobile app whenever I see something on the forums that catches my eye.


May be a semantic thing, but personally, I would like to delineate between “for later’s” and “favorites”. I do indeed star workouts in iOS as favorites when I find a particular one I come back to. “Save for later” would be great for sessions that haven’t necessarily been done by a user before.

Perhaps workout favorite tags. I know my favorites have grown large, but I can’t organize them in anyway . In your example one tag could be “new ones to try” etc


User created tags are planned and coming along with the shared access and interface between all apps and the web.

It will come in a future update.


That explains it! I knew I’d seen the feature somewhere. Yes, hopefully soon they’ll match up.