Feature Request - Bookmark Workouts (Favourites)

Unless I’m missing something, there is currently no way to “favourite” or “bookmark” workouts?
I tend not to train using the plans and instead choose workouts based on my own periodisation plan and how I’m feeling on the day. It’s a pain to have to work through the filters before each session (or remember the name of a cool workout I found)…

Which platform are you using? You can definitely do this in the Android app - there’s a favourite option (star icon) on the “Workout Details” form, plus a “Favourite Workouts” section on the “Workouts” form.

It’s available on the iPhone app too

And the PC app and has been for a long time

I’m using the Mac App…
For some reason when I hovered over the workout or star button it wouldn’t allow me to select it. I saw the favourites tab under workouts and thought perhaps it was an unimplemented feature. Seems to be an intermittent issue… when I exit and re-enter the app it works for my first set of filters/selections then breaks again…

They are actively working on a new and improved Tagging system, that will be shared across all platforms and the web.

For now there are limited and non-connected ways to use them on some platforms.

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Sounds great, cheers!

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Was wondering that favourites do not sync across devices. Good to know it’s on the list (was it posted somewhere?).

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It has been a while (maybe even back in the FB group only days???). I can try to search, but I am confident that the new plan was mentioned by multiple TR employees, including Nate.

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Ah, FB times :). No need to search, thanks!

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Would be really handy to have favourites grouped by workout type and accessible in the side menu online.

They are adding personal tagging. This will allow marking and control of workouts above and beyond the existing filter and search system.

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Any idea of timeframe?

Nope. It’s in the oven and we don’t have a window :stuck_out_tongue:

So help me, if I tag some workouts on my Ipad, are you saying that i cannot see them on my PC?

Also If I have tagged some workout on my PC, I cannot see a way of searching for them/

Is this correct, or am I missing something here, that exists already?


Correct, they are NOT connected in any way right now.

They are working to update the whole tagging/favorite interface and make them all connected in that update.

OK thanks @mcneese.chad

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@Nate_Pearson only needs one favorite bookmark - Baxter.


its been in the oven for ages now, clearly it must be done soon :slight_smile:

Call the fire brigade!