Dumb Questions About a Smart Trainer (Saris H3)

So tonight I purchased a Saris H3 smart trainer. It’s the first thing I’ve bought that will give me real power data. Up until now I have been using a Kurt Kinetic with the Wahoo Speed and Cadence sensors for virtual power.

I put together the trainer, installed my ultegra cassette and opened TR. I paired the device and it asked to do a spin down. I did the spin down then exited trainerroad. I got to thinking, I can’t use my same FTP for tomorrow’s workouts since the virtual power and real powers are going to be different. So I fired up a ramp test.

Virtual power had me at a 306 FTP (3.5 w/kg). After taking the test, I’m now at a 338 FTP (3.9 w/kg). This just seems wildly too high. Either the data is wrong or I just hit my goal for 2020 in two weeks.

From what I hear on the podcast, anything 4 and above is really good. I just can’t believe I’m at that point. I did some indoor structured training this fall, otherwise I’ve just been one of those guys who just rides with no purpose. I’d classify myself as a beginner in terms of structured training.

So here’s the questions.

  1. Could having the trainer on a rug, on carpet throw off the estimates.
  2. Does unplugging the trainer, uncalibrate it?
  3. Is there anything else that may cause inaccurate power data?
  4. How do I turn off the trainer (Saris H3), that’s why I unplugged it?

Here’s the TR link to my FTP test. https://www.trainerroad.com/career/kleinhanscs/rides/71019896-ramp-test
Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/3020420520 (has picture of the rug on carpet set up)

Very unlikely.

No, it maintains the calibration.

I suggest using either the Rouvy or Saris app to confirm you have the latest firmware.

No need. It will go to sleep when it is left idle (roughly 10-15 minutes? Not sure exactly on the time, but it does sleep).

For your calibration, did you do it with the trainer “cold” or after using it for at least 10 minutes?

It is recommended to ride the trainer for that time to bring it up to normal operating temperatures.

Also, I prefer to use the Rouvy or Saris app for calibration purposes. Not sure it really matters but I trust those a tad more.

My suggestions and I have a H3. Ride at your old ftp. Adjust slider if needed during workout.

Adter workout do spindown via the saris or rouvy app. Next day or after do the ramp test.

Enjoy it as I really do mine and have not calibrated since.


Thanks both of you. Sounds like it’s because I didn’t calibrate when warm. Neither the Saris app nor TR had anything written about that when I went to do the test.

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Somewhat related article, but I think Saris and others do poor job overall for their customers, with respect to not informing well about calibration.


Wahoo has some good stuff too, but you have to dig to find it.

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