Saris M2 Calibration: TR Only or Saris + TR B2B?

Hi all,

Do I need to do Saris’ calibration in the Saris app, then exit & kill, load TR, and then calibrate in TR? Or ok to just calibrate in TR; the TR calibration saves a calibration file to the M2, exactly the same as the Saris app does?

It’s quite a time waste to do double calibration. Happy to, if needed, but hopefully not.

Thanks for your time!!!

[Did deep dive on forum + Google, couldn’t find this answered.]


I have always wondered the same thing. I have traditionally calibrated using the Saris App but never knew if the TR calibration curve was the same or different.

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You only need to calibrate in one app. There is no need to use both apps and double efforts.


Amazing, thanks @mcneese.chad !! You just saved me a lot of time weekly, and an extra step!! :slight_smile:

Purely for interest’s sake, do you know if the TR calibration saves a calibration file to the M2, same as the Saris app does, or if the TR calibration is just sort of reading the resistance the M2 is putting out, and internally matching up to that?

[Pls excuse terrible, level -0.5 understanding of how programing works!]

  • Yes, the trainer spindown calibration value (even when performed in the TR app) is stored in the trainer. That calibration value applies to TR or any other app connected to the trainer after that calibration (or until it is replaced with a new calibration).

Thank you so much for the informative reply!!

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For future reference, the same principle applies to power meters for their similar Zero Offset (also called “Calibration” in some apps/devices), the relevant “Zero Offset” / “Calibration” value is stored on the power meter device itself (not the app or calibration device) so it applies to any/all devices connected to that power device.