Wheel on trainer calibration (SARIS M2) and cadence sensor questions

A couple questions regarding TrainerRoad and a Saris M2.

First, regarding cadence: I have a cadence sensor on the bike frame and pedal, and the Saris M2 also measures cadence. It the “real” cadence sensor technically more accurate versus the estimation from the Saris M2?

If one cadence sensor is better than the other (i.e. the physical sensor or M2 calcuation), HOW do I configure TrainerRoad to ignore one of the sensors?

Regaridng calibration of the Saris M2. Initially I was using Rouvy and it asked at the beginning of a ride to calibrate the M2 and later in the ride it would re-calibrate the ride, all automatically. However, TrainerRoad does neither.

So, I started using the Saris App to warm up for 5 minutes with a 100 W setting and riding 140-170Watts. Then I use the Saris App to calibrate. Then I exit/close the Saris app and start TrainerRoad. I can ride for a while on a training ride in TrainerRoad, then pause/save the ride and then goto the Saris App to “recalibrate”, then back to Trainer Road and resume my workout.

Given those steps, how do I check the calibration numbers Saris stores in the M2? This would allow me to know if there is much changed in the calibration data after doing a TrainerRoad workout for 10-20 minutes.

Is there way to get these values from TrainerRoad?

I ultimately ask as there are times it seems my cadence goes up well into a ride to maintain wattage. Thus, I think there is some calibration issues.

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  • Yes, your dedicated cadence sensor will be more accurate and reliable than the trainer one. The M2 gets fooled sometimes with smooth power and quick shifts up or down the cadence range.
  • Make sure to pair the cadence sensor along with the trainer. TR will automatically use the cadence sensor data, since it is always considered a better source of that information.
  • No, there is no access to these values from TR.
  • As above, you can’t in TR, so your only option is Saris or Rouvy apps for that info.
  • Are you watching power and trying to match the power target while in ERG mode?
  • Are you watching power and trying to match the power target while in ERG mode?

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I’m watching power and trying to match it in ERG mode and it is in the middle or end of the training session I’ll notice my cadence increases slightly by up to 10. Thus my query on what sensor TrainerRoad is using, but apparently it is the actual sensor.

I’ll keep paying more attention.

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Ok, I recommend ignoring power, and only focus on your cadence. The whole point of ERG is for the app and trainer to control resistance to hit the specific power target.

If you try to “help” by watching and adjusting, you will be making the process more complicated. I call this “chasing power” and it’s not a good thing to do.

For ERG, cadence is king, and you want to keep it steady at whatever value you prefer. Let the system do the work on holding power.

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