Calibrate trainer then change apps

If one calibrates their trainer say using the Tacx app surely this isn’t then valid if you swap to TR as some people do? I would have thought that when calibrating in an app the power data displayed in that app is modified, surely it doesn’t change the turbo trainer?

I know the Saris H3 stores the calibration data internally. This is at least true for calibrating on the Saris app but they made it sound like all calibration data is stored internally, which would make sense for most smart trainers since that way the calibration isn’t subject to which app is currently controlling the unit and.


Yes, calibration is stored in the trainer. So that value done in app ‘A’ will still apply if you open and run app ‘B’. That is essentially try for smart trainers and power meters (zero offset / calibration is stored in the device), so it really doesn’t matter which you use. I do think it’s good to be consistent and use the same process when possible.

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