Cable (ANT+ BLE Bridge) - PowerTap P1 Calibration Failing

I use PowerTap P1 pedals. I connect them to TrainerRoad using the NPE Cable bridge. This converts the Ant+ Signal to Bluetooth to connect to my iPhone. The reason that I use the NPE Cable bridge is because the Ant+ signal sends TOTAL power. If I connect the P1 pedals to TR, it only transmits single sided power and doubles it on TrainerRoad. I am hoping TR will soon support connecting to both pedals so I can use TR with total power, instead of left only, but I digress.

I have been using this set up for about a year now successfully. This week I updated my CABLE to the latest firmware. Post update, the power and cadence still reads in TR, but I can no longer calibrate (zero offset) my P1 pedals from TrainerRoad.

Is anyone else having issues calibrating their PM through TR after updating the firmware on their CABLE?

I just use the CycleOps app so I can calibrate each pedal separately

I use the Powertap app before each ride to zero the pedals as they are zeroed independent of each other.