Saris H3 Bluetooth has failed - is there a way to correct it

My Saris H3 will not connect to my pc or my Iphone via bluetooth. Since it won’t connect, I can’t upgrade firmware anthing. The H3 is about a year old.

Unplug the trainer for 5 - 10minutes, reboot computer/phone. Google a way to factory reset the trainer if unplugging doesn’t work


Hey there @Towerclimber50,

Are you still having issues with this?

Let me know and I can take a look! :male_detective:

I have it working now - but it seems i need to reboot my computer at every use to get the blue tooth to connect.

Not optimal, but I am riding again!


Make sure the trainer isn’t paired to several different devices. They will fight to attach to the trainer and the winner will lock out the others.

Thanks for that. Yes I have been careful to make sure only my pc available to pair (turn off my phone blue tooth to be sure)

It’s good to hear that it’s working!

If you continue to have to restart your computer each time you want to use it, let me know, and I’ll take a closer look at what might be going on.

@AJS914 has a good point. Nowadays, there are usually a good handful of devices and sensors that could cause interference in one’s household.

Are you unplugging your trainer when you’re not using it?

Ok thanks so much

No, I don’t usually unplug the trainer when I am not riding.

Should I??

No, not necessary IMO.

The H series trainers all go into a sleep mode when left inactive, and wake up once you spin the cranks.

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I agree with @mcneese.chad here. I usually leave my trainer plugged in most of the time unless I know I’m not going to use it for a few days.

If you’re having strange issues like this, it doesn’t hurt to unplug it for 10-15 minutes to let the trainer reset before using it again, though. You’d be surprised what that alone has resolved in the past! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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FWIW, I also improved my pain cave bluetooth issues dramatically by no longer using 2.4ghz wifi down there. I switched everything to 5ghz. On devices that support ant+ (power meter, HR monitor), I use ant+… Bluetooth also operates on 2.4ghz.

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