Santiago, Chile cycling?

Anybody ever been? Im headed there next week for work and taking my bike…but which bike? Road? CX? MTB? Anybody have any good routes?

Hi Randy,

Happy to help you and can show you around if you want.

You could bring a mtb or a road bike, both would work great.(but I recommend a mtb)

There are plenty of trails to chose from, most nearby Santiago, you could ride your bike to 4 or 5 depending on where you are staying.

Visit and check out their trails.
There are other options on top of those.

Let me know if you need help, tools, or anything.


Santiago is an amazing city. Every time I visit Santiago I regret not bringing my bike. There are quite a few well maintained MTB trails nearby that cover a decent amount of elevation — although I just went hiking next to them. If you are willing to travel outside of the city, you can also take a road bike. I saw plenty of them, including what looked like a pro team.

I might be back in December and I plan to go riding this time!

Thanks you guys. I’m a beginner mtb with a hardtail. Id need to ride to the trail from near the golf club de los leona. I see a some good mtb trails Northeast and southeast…are those beginner level / hardtail appropriate?

I also see a rad road ride up the mountain to Farellones, which is 6,000 feet of climbing in 25 miles.


From what I saw there are plenty of beginner trails with plenty of signage and they were quite well-used last time I was there.

You could ride from los leones golf club if you are in good shape it would add quite a few miles to your ride though.

Going up farellones is a good option, and you can perfectly do it on a mtb too.

Thanks everyone for your amazing suggestions. I ended up taking my road bike. I was staying in Las Condes, near downtown, and snuck in 2-3 rides up Cerro San Cristobal, which offered several good 2-5km climbs in the neighborhood of 1000-2000 ft of climbing, which was perfect for a before-work 60-90 minute ride.

On a Saturday, I rode out to Farellones, La Parva, and El Colorado, for a 62 mile out and back with 7,500 feet of climbing. 10/10, would ride again!!!

Thanks again,

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Great tips! Do you know if there are any good shops there renting road bikes?

I’m a bit late. I have been to Santiago many times, but only went mountain biking once. I booked a guide through veloguide. The service was expensive, but worth it. The guide was a local pro at the time and I got a pro level mountain bike for the day.

The mountains are spectacular, but beware of the anti grip!

Where are you going to stay?

I was looking for road bike rental and routes as I’m not trained on trails at all. I’m staying near the Cerro Santa Lucia. Didn’t know about Veloguide, I’ll try one of the more reviewed guides, thanks!

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