Reno Ride Suggestions

I will be in Reno for a conference the week of Sept.22nd. I may have all day Sunday 9/22 to ride. I am good for 40 to 50 miles of rolling NJ roads (I know that is not much but at 62 years young, I’m just happy to ride). I also just started doing some mountain bike rides. I am leaning towards renting a road bike but should I consider spending my time on a mountain bike?

Probably will be riding alone or I might try to schedule a VeloGuide.

Staying at the Silver Legacy… any suggestions for where to rent?

Thank you,

-T. Lentine

PS - Can I hire Lee McCormack for the day?

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I was out there in June. Compared to Indianapolis I found Reno to be bike friendly. Lots of bike lanes. I rode from Peppermill to Geiger and back. Ran out of time and had to turn around about 3/4’s of the way up. Don’t forget to stop by TR’s HQ, get a tour, and raid their goody closet.

I would go to TR HQ just to try to find and “borrow” one of the “Get Fast” mugs from the Podcast, which is the Holy Grail of TR Merch.

September in the Sierra can be amazing…you might consider going up to Tahoe and renting a mtb from flume trail bikes…then grab a shuttle and ride the TRT and Flume trail. Not sure of too many places that rent decent road bikes in Reno.

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P.S…dont stay at Silver Legacy…Peppermill is the place…get a room in one of the towers.

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I saw some sketchy reviews but it is a 4-day conference with lots of meetings and breaks so it is convenient to stay there plus they have a conference group rate. I think I’m stuck there.

Thanks for the input. I decided to work with VeloGuide!