MTB trails in Chile?

Hey everyone, Hubby and I are looking for MTBing in southern Chile. We only have seven days and would like to make the most of our time. Any suggestions would be appreciated… Happy trails

My partner and I recently did a mtb tour with pedal chile. We would both highly recommend. We are super happy we went with a tour company, because finding marked trails and getting around would be a huge pain. Also toured around with some cool folks. Cheers.

There are some great trails throughout Chile, particularly south of Santiago. The problem is trails are all but impossible to find without local knowledge. If you only a week I would suggest looking for a tour company. Enjoy your time in Chile it’s a beautiful country.

Without a doubt. Chile has amazing singletrack and doubletrack, but it can be hard to find without a guide. Not many chileans mountain bike, and the ones that do keep the trails hidden. At least in southern chile. I don’t know much about the Santiago area.