Sand running on vacation

Going on vacation soon but won’t have a bike to ride and I’d like to continue building my aerobic capacity before my bike events this spring.

I don’t think I’ll have access to a gym, so stationary and elliptical is out.

It’s a pretty flat area - I’m hoping to find a hill or a long set of stairs I can run up to do vo2max intervals.

Failing that, there is a pretty long beach nearby. I’m not a runner, I have no running experience. Would running on sand be a good aerobic activity for me with LOW chance of injury?

I wouldn’t, at least don’t overdo it. If you don’t run regularly and then run to any level that will help you maintain your bike aerobic fitness, you may not be able walk the next day. The eccentric muscle contractions that go with running lead to some really significant soreness if you aren’t adapted to it. More likely you spend most of your vacation limping and groaning when standing up or sitting down. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze in my opinion.


Yeah that’s exactly what I’m trying to avoid. I thought the soft impact of the sand might help with that, but the undeveloped stabilizer muscles will probably fail long before my aerobic capacity. Hills or stairs sound like a safer bet.

If it’s “soon” and you aren’t a runner you won’t become a runner by then.

I usually just add a manageable amount of volume and intensity in the week leading up and then use the vacation to relax and recover. Don’t worry about it. You won’t lose much (if any) fitness.


It usually takes me 2 solid weeks to conditions my muscles from bike to running, and the first week is painful. Not worth it if you’re going back on the bike shortly after.

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Good to know. I’m only on vacation for 10 days, I should probably just chill out and enjoy the time off.