Saddle bag for aero road frame

I know this is marginal gains, but I just bought an aero frame and I’m looking to buy a saddle bag that is lightweight and preferably aerodynamic. Anybody have suggestions? It could be pretty small

I’ve got a Blackburn Micro Seat Bag, which is pretty small and sits tucked up behind my seat. Can fit a tube/tire levers/and a CO2 (or two) usually carry two but can’t remember with this one.
If you’ve got a Specialized Saddle you could use their Road Bandit

Another great alternative, fitting spare/lever plus co2: lezyne road caddie


That’s a macro micro



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Depends on how much you want to carry. If you want multiple tubes, CO2, levers, and multi tool take a look at

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Speedsleeve is what I use.

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I second the Silca seat capsule premio. Looks nice, holds a decent amount, probably aero, easily applied to and removed from whatever bike you want to ride with no damage to fancy carbon saddle rails.


I use the Dual and I think its pretty Aero on my road frame… you can see they offer smaller more Aero bags too!

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I have a Silca seat roll. Not sure how aero it is but it tucks pretty far up under my saddle. I also like the pouches so things don’t just bounce around in a bag.


aeroclam can hold all that stuff.

If you want the small aeroclam profile that’s probably your best aero option among saddle bags.


I also use the aeroclam. Small doesn’t fit much. I squeeze in two tubes and tire levers. Then i have a frame pump

pockets pockets pockets

i had a “Topeak DynaWedge Small” which i would suggest is pretty aero…or at least looks it.

i would imagine that provided you don’t have a windsock on the back of your bike that fits 3 tubes, a pump, C02 inflator, cartridges, a rain cape, phone, wallet, sandwiches, kitchen sink etc that some people have, then the difference between saddle bags is probably minimal especially considering its location on the bike, lots of other things will hit the wind before a saddle bag.

smallest bag that fits what you need

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Silca Premio roll for me.

silca premio roll.
FWIW getting stuff out of your pocket and behind your seat is more aero as it keeps the profile streamlined as much as possible along your back especially if you are in the drops or getting low on the front end with a flat back.

Id like to know if…putting a spare tube, levers and C02 in your jersey pocket is more aero than in a saddle bag…I wrap my C02, levers and tube pretty small with tape.

Lezyne Roll. Its around $20 and rolls up super small depending on how much you put in it.
This is how it looks on my Allez Sprint with a tube, CO2 and multitool: