SMP saddle users - saddle bags

Has anyone solved this problem?

The SMP has this ridiculously rail design at the rear of the saddle that makes securing neat, block like saddle bags on the rear (rather than under) impossible.

I’m not interested in the old school type that wraps the seat post.

The closest I’ve got is this silca bag, but it’s nowhere near as solid as it is on other saddles and likes to slip down

Wondering if anyone has found the magic combo

Long time SMP user. The Silca Seat Capsule Premio works great. The boa can fit on the rear slanted part of the rail. I also tried the Mattone and didn’t like it for the same reasons you stated. I’ll try to remember to take a pic tonight.

I also have a small Evoc bag that I use though it wraps the seatpost. It’s lighter than the Silca, so I pick it when I’m being a weenie.

Long-time SMP user as well.

The Arundel Tubi bag is great with my tubulars, and I bet it could work for a minimalist set of non-tubular stuff.

My go-to, however is a Waterfield Ride Wallet (earlier model) that fit’s oh-so-nicely in my middle pocket. Holds my phone, a small tube, set of small hex wrenchs and a few other misc things (valve core remover, etc). Of course, it goes with a frame pump (Silca Impero on my Alliance road and Tattico on my MTBs).

Old seat bag fit perfect:

Now I’ve got a Silca roll bag:

Have to aggressively roll and tighten to avoid an edge rubbing my bibs.

That pic is of a Selle Italia saddle (different company), not Selle SMP saddle - will that bag also work with an SMP saddle that has the great big bridging piece & giant SMP logo on it, as per the OP?

Which Silca bag is that? I’ve got a Selle SMP Drakon, pretty narrow saddle. Bought this in late September

(pic posted in other post above)

and it fits without slipping. We have really rough roads around here, if it was slipping I’d know.

Just picked up a smaller version of that bag (Dual) and it fits pretty well. I had a Silca Mattone, and my seat is far enough back that it fit on the lower rails, but it also stuck out on the sides far enough that I hit the bag with the inside of my thighs. The Dual is about the same size, still fits everything and the vertical orientation keeps everything neatly under the seat.

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As promised. Threw my Varia on as well to demonstrate how it fits in relation to the bag. I have the Carbon Lite saddle on multiple bikes.

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curious if you have an approximate width of the bag/boa where the bag is further forward under the seat. My Drakon is roughly 2.75" wide at the point where my asymmetric roll bag is farthest forward, and I’ve had to aggressively pack it and cinch it down to keep it from rubbing my bibs.

I am a huge fan of SpeedSleev saddle bags. I have used them on a few different saddles and they’ve fit great on every one.

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Arundel Dual along with Varia

3.8 inches. I haven’t had any issues with rubbing. I think it’s set far enough back and tapers nicely that I barely know it’s there.

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