Sa calobra climb - Majorca - sub 30mins

I wasn’t going for sub 30 not even for a wattage best but had surprisingly good legs and did my best power that lasted for a while: Sa Calobra 33:03 @ 4.7 W/kg. I wasn’t there since but right now I am not sure I could do better anyway :slight_smile:


I did this in 2021 at >4.7W/kg and over 5W/kg FTP.
The conditions were good, not great (it was basically windstill for almost everything with a slight headwind on the final stretch). I went on a rental bike at 8kg with tubed clinchers. Also, I just wore normal cycling clothing.
I think with my own 6kg bike with TT tires, no bottle, and a light skin suit I could have made a push for the 29:59… but that’s just guessing.
I should have pushed harder as the watts should’ve been there


29:01 with 324w at around 62-64kg
Works out as 5.1-5.2 Watts/kg

So 5.0 Watts/kg for sub 30min sounds about right :+1:


Similar power and weight as me and also similar
8kg Bike weight. I won’t be going to the extremes of using a lighter bike or skin suit… so looking at your times I might be able to achieve 31-32mins if the conditions are good… hopefully we will see :+1:

That’s an incredible time :clap: well done! Out of curiosity… where do you rank on the segment leaderboard. You must be in the top 200-300 people to ever go up? Or top 1% of riders?

I’m a heavier at 71kg but hope to go at 69kg and aiming for 330+ watts

This just popped up on my phone :wink:

Good effort btw :muscle:

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Not a Premium Strava member, so can’t actually see past the top 10.
Think any with premium would be able to find out though, can anyone help?

Its mad that the gap from me to 10th is not that much more than 10th to 1st (Tom Pidcock)
Heck he has 1:50 over 2nd place (Ed Laverack) alone.
Just in a different galaxy :exploding_head:

372 out of 135,918



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5.0 seems to almost magically check out. For me, using what I did as a start, all the calculators basically spit out 4.9 to 5.0. As twisty as it is, is there ever really a good or bad wind day?

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My PR is 34 minutes @ 289 watts. From 2016, so quite some time ago. Not sure what my weight was back then either, but I’ll try do see if Strava has that info.

Also going back in April, and hoping to better my time. Been dropping a few kgs since new years using the Macrofactor app (highly recommended BTW!), so hoping to be my lightest for the Mallorca trip. Also never been as consistent as I have been the last year. But I’m a bit off 5w/kg, so maybe it won’t be possible to make it in less than 30 minutes?

Definitely need to go there early this time thought to minimise traffic and getting stuck behind buses and cars.

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Just thought I’d update this thread with my current progress! Less than 2 weeks to go!

Managed to get down to 69kg and I last tested a month ago at for 30minutes @ 332w. Which puts me at 4.8wkg. Not sure if this will be enough to go SUB 30 though. I’m hoping to squeeze a couple more watts out on the day with the adrenaline going!

The plan:

  • low residue (low fibre) diet a few days before the attempt
  • pick a day with favourable wind conditions
    -start the climb early… around 8:30am to avoid traffic and other cyclists
    -Skinsuit, aero socks
    -leave all bottles/cages/saddle bags/empty pockets at the top of the climb.
    -Change type of inner tubes and crainrings/casette ratios - (0.6kg saving)

Can anyone else thing of any Marginal gains I could make without spending a lot of money?

Anyone else attempted this climb and what time did you get?


A lot faster than me :muscle:
When I first did it it was with a social group and we stopped at the cafe (the official segment is way beyond it). 52mins to the cafe 1h:51 to the official end.
The 2nd time I did it was just after the 312 and unknowingly in the very early stages of bowel cancer, and it wasn’t much faster 1h on the official segment.

Good Luck :four_leaf_clover:

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Corsa Pro Speed tyres run tubeless or with latex inner tubes.
One brake
1x setup.
No helmet vs aero helmet?
Brand new immersion waxed chain (ideally one ride old then waxed)
Pick a day with low air pressure (this is big and what got for ed Laverack)
medium deep aero wheels - sa calobra is not that steep and I reckon it’s a climb where aero beats weight
Beetroot / nitrite supplements 3-4d before
bicarb load if your stomach can handle it
pacers (or even just one for the first half)
shave legs and arms

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My friend got a 30:50 with 4.6 watts per kg on an Ultegra rim brake emonda with alloy wheels.
Maybe with a suit, light bike and faster tyres he could have gone sub 30 and a touch more power.
Even got a long sleeve and gloves on in the picture

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Currently planning a two week getaway in Majorca for June with my partner (she doesn’t ride). Riding only occurred to me after we decided on the destination. I’ve never been but am thinking I might rent a bike for the duration and try and get some rides in.

Does anyone have any tips for first timers? Areas to stay in, places to rent bikes/cars etc? Plan is to stay away from Palma and go somewhere relaxing.

Right now we’re looking at 6 days in Canyamel region and six days around Pollença.

Sorry for the derail.

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35:34 here with 294w and 72kg for 4:08wkg.

I think it would be possible with less than 5wkg.



Thanks for the advice!

  • I’ve just bought some gp5000 and I’ve put 600miles on them, so not looking at re buying tyres. Also just replaced my standard crappy budget butyl tubes for light weight TPU tubes (200g saving)

  • I’m on hydraulic discs so not looking at changing brakes

  • ive changed from 52-36 with 11-34 casette to 50-34 with 11-28 I had laying around spare to save another (200grams)

  • already got a aero helmet

  • chain is a new dura ace which will be stripped and silca waxed. Will have one 50mile ride the day before the climb.

  • wheels are 58/62mm carbon with dura ace rotors but still lighter than my other shallower -alloy wheels.

-Beetroot, not heard of this but definitely going to look into it

-Bicarb, not heard of this butt definitely going to look into it

  • Pacers - will be riding with a couple other guys at a similar wkg to me so will probably be racing each other up the climb.

  • will definitely Shave arms/legs

@Sten I’ve been up the climb before at:

1st attempt 40:19 - 294w avg - 87kg = 3.37wkg
2nd attempt 34:47 - 314w avg - 76kg = 4.13wkg
(Dropped chain half way up so had to get off the bike to fix- probably lost 20/30seconds)

Im hoping I can get up doing less than 5.0wkg as it’s a little to far out of reach for me. Hopefully 4.75-4.8wkg ish will be enough

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@AussieRider send me a DM bud :+1:

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