5km / 310m Hill Climb Time Trial Training Tips - V02 Max / Intervals / Both?

Hi everyone, first post here. I’ve got a hill climb TT at the end of the month and want to improve on my event times from the previous 2 occasions.

Here’s the segment: Barcelona Tibidabo Hill Climb Strava

Weighing 78kg my time in 2021 was: 15:47, 2022 at the same weight with same bike was 14:56 averaging 331watts. Both were PR’s on the day.

This year, and weighing 76kg with the same bike I’d like to head closer to the 14 minute mark. So my question is what should I try to train to optimise myself for the event? VO2 max training or something power based like intervals?

I’m lucky enough to live right next to the course, but I’ve just had my baby daughter arrive so can only really guarantee indoor trainer workouts, 1 hour max per day.

Any advice?
(assume I’m as aero and as light as I’m gonna get)

I should also add that I have a power meter that I can ride to, although the last two occasions I set my head unit up to show average speed as the largest reading and rode to that.


Not much you can do in regards for training for an event in 2+ weeks. Personally, I wouldn’t change what you are already doing so close to the event… I have made the mistake of doing anaerobic work (which I wasn’t used to doing) got a bit carried away / excited and ended up sore for the race.

My recommendation: sleep more and focus on recovery is probably your best bet. Best of luck to you!


With your even being so close, your fitness is pretty much what it’s going to be. You’ll want a decent taper of 7-10 days leading in. I suppose you do have a couple days of training left, I would work on threshold intervals, which at 15 mins, is pretty much what this event will be.