S-Works Phenom rails rubbing 2in1

In May I may I put a new S-Works Phenom saddle on my road bike, and I absolutely love it, but the other day I was putting my new 2in1 away and noticed a weird rough spot on the seat. I’ve only worn it on 3 rides. Looking at older bibs that I’ve worn way more on the new saddle there isn’t anything like that. I put my 2in1 on and got on the trainer and it looks like occasionally part of my inner thigh area rubs against the rough part of the carbon saddle rail. Has anyone else had this problem? (I’m 6’-3" 165#, and don’t have massive legs, more areo :slight_smile:) Is there a solution? I thought about putting some bar tape or electrical tape over the rail so at least if it rubs it’s not rubbing on a rough surface? Since it doesn’t seem to be a problem with my bib shorts maybe it’s unique to the material of my 2in1, but I really like the 2in1 and would hate to wear it out so quickly.

Thanks for any help!

I use black electrical tape for stuff like that. Thin and very smooth.

Thank you! I’ll give that a try

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Gorilla tape is a little smoother, and should react better under heat. Duct (duck) tape (silver looking stuff) gets nasty and wears off to a sticky yuck.

But for electrical tape, get the ‘88’ stuff as it’s thicker and seems to stick better. The cheap tape usually doesn’t stick well at all. Another thing you could try is ‘mole skin’. It’s sticky and kind of like felt, and made for moist and hot environments. Good luck…