Remember App Window Size [Feature Request]

TL;DR - Please have the TR app save and use any user applied changes to with window size of the app.

I have an open & slow moving discussion with a TR rep, and am posting here for posterity. I’m also curious if I am an edge case or other users have similar issues.

I run TR on a Win10 PC with two displays (24" & 40") and I put the TR app on a larger second screen. Additionally I run that large 40" screen at 150% scaling in Windows to make text and icon size visible without needing a magnifying glass.

Upon launching the TR app (after initial install or update) leads to a MASSIVE app size that engulfs nearly the entire 40" screen. I often manually resize the screen (drag window boundaries smaller) and do my workout. Upon closing and reopening the app, it resets to the super large default size. This is terribly annoying to have to repeat this each time I close and open the app.

TR suggested using the “Run Minimized” option that seems to work in testing on my smaller 24" screen at 100% scaling. But that trick does not work when the app is on the larger second screen. I still have to resize it to make it the smaller size I prefer.

My request is for the TR app to store and use the sizing as applied by the user each time, vs using some default value it appears to apply.