Running for cyclists!

Hi I’m a former runner who took up cycling (TT’s) around 5 years ago. I’m keen to do some easy runs maybe once a week however each time I try I manage a few then my calf goes ping! I know a little about concentric/eccentric loading of the muscles with cycling/running however would love to hear from anyone with any tips to avoid the calf pain. Triathletes seem to manage ok so I’m assuming there must be a trick to combining both sports.

It might seem a bit wimpy but you likely just need to build the distance and speed slowly rather than trying to do what you were used to doing in the past.

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Running almost always feels better the more frequently i do it. Once a week you’re basically starting over again each week.

Start off with the Couch to 5k program, it’ll ease you in nicely again and help you build up to prevent any injuries that might come from going too hard too soon.

Once a week is fine. I went from nothing to doing 13km+ just doing once a week. Just work up to it.