Run Synch Issues between Mac Desktop & IOS TR

I have got issue for past 5 days where Desktop APP rides are not in synch with what is showing on Mobile APP… and vice versa…and includes runs too. On that topic - now we can synch runs from Strava - these show on web view - but not on the desktop app or mobile IOS app.

Actually - just restarted both apps and the ride is fine - JUST THE RUNS which are an issue.

Just feels like there is an issue or two in synch at present. Thanks.

I can clarify!
Currently, imported or synced run activities are not yet visible in the TrainerRoad apps, and will only be visible on your web calendar on
Scheduled runs that are incomplete, however, will still be visible on TR apps prior to sync.

We plan to add this functionality to our apps, and I’ll be sure to provide updates on the forum as this feature develops. :slightly_smiling_face: