Rovals aren't impressing me?

So I have the new Venge Pro with the Roval 50s currently. I’ve noticed they are much more susceptible to wind gust than my flo 60s on my Cannondale Synapse? With that being said thinking about changing out the Rovals, any opinions as my cycling experience is limited to the above two for deeper section wheels.

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Love my Roval CLX 50s!

I’ve been riding them for about 3 months on my S-Works Tarmac, including on several spirited group rides and races. I have found that they handle really well, including on steep technical descents. However, while I have been exposed to some cross winds where they handled well, I haven’t had exposure to really strong ones so I can’t comment on that nor compare them to the wheels you ride. For reference, my other wheels are the CLX-40s that I also love.

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I’ve also found the Roval 50s to be pretty rough in crosswinds on exposed descents. They aren’t bad on the flats.

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@bobmac your on the clx 50s I’m on the cl 50s not sure how much different the shape is? I will say they are nice on the flats though.

I really don’t know enough to comment about the differences between the CL50s and CLX50s. Of course, you could Google it. But here is a bit of my experience with Specialized and suggestion:

When I purchased my Roubaix in 2015 it came stock with the CL40s. But one of the wheels had a scratch in it. So my LBS called Specialized and told them that I was not happy with that and they replaced them with CLX40s for no additional charge. Two years later (post warranty), my Roubaix crank broke. Again my LBS called. Specialized only had the cranks in stock in 170mm (I ride 172.5s), so they replaced them with the 2017 S-Works 172.5 cranks (which I love and are significant stiffer than the stock ones that came with the Roubaix).

Did you buy your Venge Pro through an authorized Specialized reseller? Depending on your answer, you may want to reach out to your LBS and discuss. Otherwise, you could call Specialized directly and see if/what they would do for you.

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It’s the same rim I believe. I think the CLX just uses blades spokes and a lighter hubshell

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I too have CLX50s. I don’t think they’re any worse than my CLX32s w/regards to wind gusts. In a stiff crosswind on a descent, I’ve been scared on both sets. But generally, they both handle really well.

The CL50s and CLX50s use the same rim. The CL50 is the budget version. The differences are aero vs round spokes, ceramic bearings, and hub internals. While both have hubs w/DT Swiss internals, I believe the they are of different grades, 240 vs 350 ?? I don’t know if they both use the same hub body.


The ratchet mechanism is the same between 240 and 350, so I think it’s the hub shell and the bearings in this case.

They call out in the product spec that CL uses 350 hubshell and the CLX uses the 240.