Roval Clx 64 or Enve 5.6 disc?

Anybody any tips ? Experiences with one or the other ? If I go Enve I would have both rims at 63mm depth instead of the 56 mm front. I like symmetry more :man_shrugging:. I have a venge so Roval is the obvious choice but have read some negative comments on them

What negative comments have you seen? I’m thinking about a set of CLX50 so interested in Roval reviews!

I recall @Jonathan discussing on the podcast switching from Rovals to Enves, I believe in the context of the time trial challenge a year or so back. The comment was along the lines of how the wheels felt and how the carbon layup was “tuned,” so perhaps difficult to ascertain without riding them ones self. Flo Cycling is coming out with a new line of road wheels in the next few months, following aero and rolling resistance testing. These may be worth a look. These are all pretty high-falutin’ carbon wheels, though, and I can’t speak to any of them firsthand.

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I have a full set of CLX (32,50,64,321), and absolutely love them. No issues whatsoever.

In general, I disagree with the twitchiness comments in the quoted review of the 64. In my experience they’re only twitchy when you are running too high a pressure.


If you can wait 2-3 more months and wait for roval to release their new wheels.

The updated clx64s should be on par or maybe even better than the evne.
You could also pick a pair of old 64s if the price drops after they release the new wheels.


Unfortunately I can’t afford a set of ENVE (much as I’d like to), at the moment I can get a set of CLX50s for £1300 but had been intending to get some FLOs beforehand…

Thanks for the tip , might just do that !

There’s a new release of rovals? I’ve just got a set of cl50s delivered to the local shop today!

Some users on the weightweenie forum claim to have recieved intel from spezialised dealers that new roval would be released shortly.

The wheels are due for an update but it could be delayed a bit further. Don’t quote me on that :stuck_out_tongue:

3 people contribute to the reviews on this site’s “best aero wheels” review roundup that has (rim brake) thoughts about both Roval CLX64 and ENVE 5.6.

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I think hunt stated rovals we’re fastest

I’ve been riding the Roval CLX 64’s discs for the last few months so maybe I can chip in.

Its my first carbon deep profile wheelset and I dont have anything else to compare it with. Upgraded from a set of stock wheels and its noticeably lighter. My pair came in at 1570 grams with rim tape and no tubeless valves.

I have it set up tubeless with schwalbe pro ones 28c tires which does light bulb a bit but I prefer comfort > speed. I have the pressure at 50 psi front and 60 psi rear weighing at 63 kg.

The wheels feels incredibly fast on the flats and in no way does it hamper my ability go climb as well. The wheels are most noticeable at the crest of the hill and at the bottom when you start to build the speed and hold it there. I find that it favors smooth accelerations and holding your speed rather than aggressive sprints. That is of course my personal opinion.

A few things did bug me though.

I had difficulty setting it up tubeless on the rear wheel. Please make sure you have the right valves (or in my case in the right direction since it was a rectangular shaped valve).

The wheels needed to be true-ed twice since i got them. First time round was cause I bought it used. Second time was due to a crash. I guess both circumstances are not an issue buying a new wheelset, However I do wish it was a little more better at staying true. My previous rim brake Zonda’s never required trueing after tens of thousands of km.

Ceramic speed bearings. URGH! The bike shop charges you more because they require their own grease. They also recommend that you service them every 6 months. Personally, I dont like ceramic speed bearings and if i were to have the spare cash, I would splurge on some hambini steel bearings.

They are on proprietary spokes so if you break them, you would need to wait until the local specialized shop has the spokes. Where I am, they dont have it in stock and will need to order them. Wish list - I 'd preferred it to be easy to find CX-ray spokes for easy repairs.

The biggest issue I have were the speed wobbles during high speed descents. It was one of the steeper descents around 10% and I had to shave off so much speed because I had zero confidence. I dont know why it happens but it has only happened once on one particular descent. A team mate who has the same wheels also complained about that issue on the same descent. The wind only comes from one direction so it could be that. Maybe in general, high profile wheels have that issue, I wouldnt know because I dont have anything else.

Another team mate that has a venge v3 is testing out the clx 64’s after using the clx 50’s and is selling off his clx 50’s. The way our rides are, its mostly rolling hills and the weight difference is negligible.

I would consider the enve rims if crashing is an issue. That lifetime warranty seems like a really really good deal if you race and relieves yourself of some headache.

Hope it helps.