Anyone have or have ridden Rapide CLX?

I just ordered a new wheelset for my SL7 and I decided to go with the new Rapide CLX from Roval. I currently have the CLX 64’s on my bike and I was hoping someone here had some first hand experience riding the Rapides. I know they are a bit lighter than my current wheelset and the front wheel is a 51mm so I won’t get pushed around by crosswinds as much. Can anyone that has a set or has ridden a set give some insight. Thanks!

Thats what I have on my sl7, I like them. You do feel them in the crosswinds but I find its more of a steady push and less of a quick snap that I get with some others. Feels a bit more predictable/comfortable to me. Any specific info you were looking for? Its a great wheelset for sure.

Totally agree… I have them on my SL7 as well and they have been flawless… stable and predictable
Running them with turbo cotton 26

@Torinhowe yeah just was trying to see if they compare favorably to the 64’s or better. As I said the crosswind performance is a major benefit for me since I live about 45 miles from the coast so most rides are a wind event.
What concerns me though is the lack of ceramicspeed bearings with this set. Have you noticed any issues with them maintaining rolling speed?

They seem to roll quite well to me, I honestly dont think there is a difference or at least not one that I can notice.


I have CLX64s on one bike and Enve Foundation 65s on another.

Not the comparison you’re asking about, but nevertheless, to me they feel nearly the same in crosswinds. Neither are as bad as some people say, and neither are as good as what others say. If the cross winds start gusting, I put my hands in the curve of the drops and it’s a nonissue.

Not much to be gained there.

If you really want to go all out, take your standard bearings, pop off the seals, wash out the grease, and relubricate with oil. I think Contador’s mechanic did this a few years ago. Might be good for one race before requiring service, and probably a lot more hassle than it’s worth. If you really want to save those last few watts, just bend your elbows and make sure your socks are on straight.

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Unless you’re going to change your bearings as often as you change your tires, I wouldn’t worry about ceramic bearings at all.