Roval CLX 64 vs. Enve 5.6

On the latest podcast the guys talked about their rigs… I was curious that they all ride specialized frames, but opted for Enve wheels instead of the standard Rovals. Anybody have experience with both that has an opinion on:

(-) Aerodynamics
(-) Weight/acceleration… meaning do they spin up… not just the weight in grams
(-) Stiffness
(-) Build
(-) Hubs
(-) Overall ride quality

Or, any other feedback – Rovals are a bit less expensive, but both in the same ballpark (expensive!).

For reference, I am interested in the disc versions.

I really don’t know why they would spec Enve over Roval.

I love my Rovals. I have a pair of CLX 50’s that came on my tarmac, and CL 50s I got before because my precious road bike came with trash wheels.

I think both sets are awesome. Super fast, and light weight. I think they’re on the same sexy factor as Enve.

I have no experience with either, but has an in depth comparison covering these wheels plus XXX 6 , 404s, and a few other wheels in the category.

I found their review of the CLX64s completely contradictory to my own experience of them, strangely. I’ve never had issues with their stiffness or stability, but I was not a fan of the ceramic speed bearings.

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Likewise. I completely disagree with their review. And having a look at some of the other reviews on there, not really a site I’d trust for reviews I’m afraid.

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I have CLX 50s on both my 2015 Roubaix and my 2019 S-Works Tarmac. A fellow club member who is planning to buy the same Tarmac I have told me that he is considering the Enve’s because of its minimization of wind turbulence. So, while I was at Sea Otter (road race in NorCal), I visited the Roval booth and talked to a couple of the techie sales folks. What they told me is that they have the wind tunnel tests to prove that Enve’s marketing has no factual basis (but can’t release it due to company policy on competitive info). Of course, you’d expect a defensive style response. However, given how impressive Specialized’s “Win-Tunnel” and testing is, I tend to think that there may be a lot of truth to this.

FWIW: The next generation of Roval wheels that Specialized is working on will be designed to match road tires - to perfect the wheel/tire interface based on an emerging industry standard to further reduce any turbulence that may be present.


Thanks, all! Any eta on those fancy new Rovals?

I think it will be next year
And I agree with the poster above; my gut is that these super new tubeless tyres they have just announced for sale will be the basis of the system they build a wheel/tyre combo around
I always thought Mavic had a cool idea; just a shame their tyres are not great

I am a big fan of Enve, but do agree a lot of it is marketing magic
Given the tyre/rim interface is so important it always amazes me they can be so precise about aero claims of wheels but then give generic advice like “designed around a 25mm tyre”

That’s incredibly vague !

You would think people like Bontrager and Roval could design a system…and I think thats the next step, especially as its increasingly clear that disc brakes and tubeless is getting 90% + of all R&D spend

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btw, which tires specifically? The only tubeless tires I see on specialized are the “S-Works Turbo 2Bliss Ready” – are these the tires?

According to the Roval guys, the issue is not around the ability to design such a system. The issue is corralling the the major industry players (particularly in tires as it is an old, stodgy industry) on agreeing to such a standard design interface.

As for timing, the Roval guy said they will be done with their internal work this fall. However, they don’t have any prediction as to what it will take to convince others to join in or propose their own.

I don’t have Enve wheels. But given Enve now offer lifetime crash, accident, etc damage protection, surely it’s the wheelset to buy? Especially if you race.

If I was after an expensive wheelset, that would be an important factor for me.

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Do you think Spesh/Roval will follow suit?