Route replacement test FTP 8 min

Good morning guy!!
I have a questions and I need your help…
The last week I ride on route in a cycling group and I registered my better power in 20 minutes. I can use this power (x 0.95) in replacement for the test FTP 8 minutes?.
Today, I starting with my new Plan Builder.


You can if you want, but you’ll probably fail a lot of workouts that way and you won’t have a repeatable protocol to measure progress.

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Thanks @stevemz!!
But, I dont understand… If I only want replacement a route for these test FTP, maybe, not affect the rest of the program


How do you test normally?
FWIW, the ramp test, 20 min and 8 min tests all have there problems.

As usually, I use test 8 min. But, I avoid the test and starting with the plan Builder, using the power value the rout.

Did you do a 5 min anaerobic clearing effort before the 20 min section where you got your 20 min PR? Your FTP estimate is not just 95% of your best 20 min effort, there is a specific protocol

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The trouble with using different testing methods is each one will often give a different result, so if you don’t follow the same protocol each time you will always wonder if your numbers have changed.
In my experience, long tests work best, but pick one that suits you and stick with it.

Thanks @redlude97, I understand your point of view!

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Thanks @Dave
I do the test 8 min. this afternoon, is better and as you say, follow the same protocol.

Thanks you all!! :sunglasses:

PD: After the test, I tell us about the test :cold_sweat: