Roubaix this weekend

Looks like we are gonna have a wet one…forecast for Sat is Showers (73% chacne) and Sunday is Light Rain (88%).

Will be fascinating to see how a fall edition differs from April. Clearly WVA and MVP will be the heavy favorites, but the strength of Deceunick means they’ll be in the mix with a number of riders. Stybar looked really good last Sunday, so if you want a dark horse, he could be the one.

I think it has been 18 years since the last wet Roubaix…bring on the rain!!!


Valgreen and Asgreen (sp?) Looked strong at world’s for their teams. It’ll be curious how MVdP and WVA bounce back.


Oh, good call on Asgreen. He will almost certainly be in the mix. I think Valgren is better suited to the Ardennes classics vs. the cobbles.


Not that anyone asked yet but it’s available to watch on flo bikes and peacock premium!


Oh nice, thanks! Was set to ask watching availability. TdF and Vuelta on Peacock was good, but disappointed when it came to Tokyo Olympics at least on cycling coverage.


SBS coverage in Australia, on demand and on VICELAND

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Ugh, this was to be my first gravel race and on a borrowed bike that is less than ideal. I’m definitely not in the mood to ride in the mud and rain.

I guess Paris Roubaix and Barry Roubaix are the same weekend this year… :slight_smile:

Only 54% chance of rain in SW Michigan - you might be lucky…


Did you see they had to weed the cobbles!? Crazy looking at the end of a European summer. They look slick as anything after though and if the rain eventuates it could be a messy race.

Women’s edition Saturday, here’s the ones to watch article. Will be riding Sunday so probably only watch the highlights of the mens, but will try to watch most of the Saturday race!

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‘most’, being in this case ‘all of the only 60k they’re bothering to show on TV’ :confused:

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Really looking forward to this, beeing a Dane.
I think Mads Pedersen really wants this, but we also have Asgreen ( who actually was sick at the worlds ) and Valgren i believe can do something to.
Dark horse dane is Søren Kragh Andersen, but have missed the form this year.

Other than the obvius MVDP and WVA i think also the rest of the quickstep squad is build for this race, and i HOPE sagan can be in the mix too.

Cant wait - btw. watch “A sunday in hell” on youtube if you want to get in the mood :slight_smile:

How are Americans watching the Femmes race!? The flobikes is geo-restricted cant find it anywhere on NBC sports. I don’t have peacock just Xfinity.

Peacock comes free with Xfinity….you just have to activate it.

But I will be using a VPN and watching on GCN+.


Confirmed Femme version is on Peacock!!

Watching femmes live on gcn+. But no commentary? Just Eurosport audio feed with the video.

Exciting to say the least! No spoilers from me tete de le course just went under 10k to go!

Great result today.
It’s a shame we didn’t get to see more of the race.


Ruddy hell! That winner’s pavé stone is huge :grin:


Saying a European summer is a bit like saying an American summer

Soooo bad that the coverage of the 1st women’s Paris Roubaix started after the decisive move. The coverage just became a question of whether or not the chasers would reel-in Deignan or not. Still great to watch, but it would have been much better if we could have seen her attack.